Meet Jamie

Hi! I’m Jamie M. I was introduced to permanent makeup in my early twenties when I saw a special on E in Southern California. It featured someone who’d had permanent eyeliner done and how much time it saved them. Soon I got my own permanent eyeliner, and I loved it. My eyeliner artist did microblading too, and since a few of my family members suffered from alopecia, I decided to train in permanent makeup so that I could help them. It was amazing to see how happy they were after I finished training and did their procedures. From then on, I knew I wanted to do something to improve people’s lives and bring more happiness into the world.

I began to explore almost every aspect of permanent makeup, and in doing so, I came across the Society of Permanent Makeup. I felt the need to earn their credentials, proving that I’d received the best education and training in the art of Permanent Makeup. Eventually, my involvement with the Society of Permanent Makeup led me to start Skin Deep Cosmetics.

Although I’m a trained artist, I still continue my training in order to stay up to date with new information and techniques. With my passion for education, I’m dedicated to perfecting my craft. I love improving, growing, and bringing the benefits to my clients, who know that I have commitment and the skill to back it up.